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    Default returning multiboxxer, unable to recover old, or register new accout with lavish.

    so, here's the rub: have tried with 3 different browsers to create a new lavish account, sometimes its the name too, sometimes even "password mismatch", but ALWAYS has the problem with assuming my email is not active.

    I tried emails from 3 different {dot}addresses. and even using the address from when i was subbed in the past.

    cannot even register on their forums because that registration requires an active sub key...

    its almost as if they dont even want my money! lol.

    is there anyone here that can help?

    FWIW: the email im trying to register is the same one i just used to make acc & verify here
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tk423 View Post
    is there anyone here that can help?
    You will need to contact Lax, the person who deals with account related issues.
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    ty, i didnt even see the email at the bottom of that page earlier.

    have been messing with hotkeynet since posting earlier, if that ends up not meeting my needs i'll shoot him a message.

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