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    So I think this last patch finally did it for my old pc. Before I could run 5 man on low settings but it was ok. Now, not so much and I did all the steps to ensure things are up to date and so forth. Anyways, part of me wants to stay as cheap as possible just to get by for now. But then the other part just wants to make some ok upgrades to last a little while longer. Still sub $1500, even closer to the $1000 range would be good. Yea that's probably not possible right? Anyways this is my current, windows 10, 500 GB ssd, 1 tb hdd, i5 3570k cpu, Radeon r9 200 hd 7900 series gpu, asus p8277v pro mb, 16 gb ram, corsair hx750 power. I do want to get away from amd gpu. So any advice, ideas, what would you do? Greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    If i were you and would want to play a 5man with some headroom, and kinda futureproofish, i most likly would have bought the i7 8700k, 32 gb ram and either a gtx 1060 6 gb vram or a gtx 1070/ti with 8gb vram. That way you can also play with decent settings, espesially on your main character.

    If you get a motherboard thats possible to install 64gb ram on, if need be, that would be safest and you can play up to 10 characters on this machine with low settings. If you wanted to play more than 5 later.
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    I have a similar setup to yours, using a i7 3770k, and I recently went fishing for a good deal on a GPU. Found a RTX 2070 for $450 with no tax/shipping, and it should be arriving in a few days. I am hoping this one upgrade will help out the most, because it was my main bottleneck, especially with the direct x 12 changes offloading cpu power needed to the GPU instead.

    If you plan on upgrading the entire system anyways, I'd test out just doing a good video card and then go from there, that may be all you need.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I think I'm going the 1070/ti route first. I have been reading a lot and it seems like the most bang for your buck. But will be upgrading more soon. Any recommendations on motherboards if i go with the i7 8700k?

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    To note I was also looking at the 1070 TI as well, because the 2070 is only a 10-20% increase in performance but the cards just came out, as soon as the drivers are more optimized I imagine that difference spread will be a bit larger.
    Though I think all cards should hopefully be dropping in price in the future too so it should nullify the difference.

    From what I can tell the MSI Z370 board seems to be pretty popular.
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