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    Default Multiboxers Ny'alotha raid night!

    Was a lot of fun tackling encounters we've never tried before!
    Done on LFR - we may take it up a notch and give Normal a try~

    Took out 6 of the bosses before moving on to other raids.

    Credit to Void, Tsumi, and Papadorgio
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    Good stuff.

    I was going to make a comment about how I need to level up so that I can join in on the fun, but then I remembered that you currently play the pretty* faction, and so I couldn't join up if I wanted to.

    *To be fair, Blood Elves got it goin' on.

    So, I guess I'll just have to start my own raid group with Svpernova, and he can carry us to victory!
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    LOL! Literally made me laugh Mirai.

    The imbalance is pretty big at this point for the ratios especially at max level. I honestly thought for sure this past Blizzcon was going to merge the factions during the expansion reveal. The storyline was perfectly leading up to it and I think it would be quite healthy for the game.

    Would be nice to get a friendly multiboxing raid adventure going!

    Last thing I’m hopeful the leveling speed stays as is for SL. It will make being able to play “both sides” a more realistic option.

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    You guys could probably do the first boss on heroic. The second boss would be a challenge, but the first boss is really easy. I take 3 hunters in every week trying to get that damn trinket off the first boss. I have it on 2 of my hunters.

    I'm also on Mal'Ganis so let me know when we're doing a multibox raid.
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