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    Another way to do the part with the cats is to setup a small vFX window for each, in the corner of the screen for real estate. These are then given mouse broadcasting. So I don't have any latency on a window swap.

    Mine looks like this:

    Then order them so it's easy to follow for each click rotation:

    In each step, click the windows according to the called name. Make sure they are all zoomed in. Sometimes the NPC will get in the way so you'll have to start over.

    It took a total of 3 attempts I think. The first I just didn't account for the absorb difference. Corrected that, cat lady got in the way of one and wouldn't go away. Third was a charm.
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    I came here to post with the same subject but used search first and found this thread, so posting here.

    This mount is a super huge pain to get (even with the guides) but it's soooo worth it once you have it - choose your team composition carefully as you only get a 450% 5 person flying for that team. (240% ground in kul tiras/zand). Having my 5 guys 1 IWT away from mounting is just wonderful.

    For yellow, do bring everyone and more as you can loot yellow infinitely - I invited folks to come loot after I was done and got extra characters the yellow one just in case. also the instance bugged for me while using the addon (which is a terrible chore) so I ended up solving it manually the 2nd time, buy setting the outter layer first etc... much better. You can also just join an already solved one and loot

    Red monocle is terrible pain, it's super easy as a druid (600%+ swim speed there!) but as a team... even with the sea horse, it's cutting it close each time and 1 of the fishes has that terrible behavior that it keeps moving, so I ended up loosing the gold on all but 2 of my guys as a result. But given how the mount works, you really only need 1 red.

    About the cats, that took me a while... my code was 67724 so I made 2 target groups, one with 1,2,3,5 and one with 1,2,3 and manually petted the 2 7s first (bringing it to 66624 left) sent iwt (without changing actual target) to group 1 twice bringing it to 44424 then 2x group 2, bringing to 22222 and then 2x to everyone... bingo!

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    For the red monocle, maybe this item also help.

    Sinks you to the bottom really fast in water.

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