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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyl41 View Post
    I'm not sure why it killed the FPS of the above poster as my team sat looking at the puzzle and I didn't notice any issues.
    I run 5 * 3440 * 1440 on a 1080ti. So that no doubt had something to do with it. It's usually fine until a lot of little doodads show up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMilitia View Post
    On yellow, as I suspect this will be a problem for a few people. This thing will wreck your GPU so don't send more than 1. For that 1, identify the board color by finding the tile that cannot be altered anywhere. That'll be your board color. Then slowly work to convert the rest of the tiles to that color. Keep in mind that tiles are usually not affected by controls on the other side of the board. Stay local, look once in awhile out of that range if you can't find the source of the control. Basically all the controls shoot color changes across the titles in a X + O format.
    Theres an addon for the yellow monocle:

    People who manage this without the addon are geniusses imo.
    But even with the addon, it took me several tries (and hours) because of mistakes i made.

    Red is time-based, so dont bother getting 2380 seashells all at once, you wont make it in time before they expire.

    Blue is just a lot of travelling and using portals/hearthstones.

    Green is a piece of cake.

    The final part i have yet to do.

    All in all, it will probably take you 4 hours to do everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by omegared View Post
    Theres an addon for the yellow monocle:

    People who manage this without the addon are geniusses imo.
    I did look into this addon but personally they don't work for me. Mapping out that many nodes would drive me insane and I'd probably screw up somewhere. It's just another layer of stuff to keep in mind when you really should just be looking at the board. In the end that's what I did. Once you understand how the whole thing works it's not terribly complicated.

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    Has anyone been able to do the Cat Petting part multi boxing? I tried so many times. I finally joined a PUG and got the mount but only one character can use it at a time on my account. You can only use it as a party if the party finishes the last ritual together so you need to multi box the Cat petting. If anyone has been able to do it please tell us how you did it. Otherwise the rest is completely doable with a 5 man team.

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    Yes, I did the entire thing solo. My strategy for the cat petting was to mark each cat with a symbol and then stand each character beside one cat targeting their cat. I chose the symbols and cats used based on my set up - I use swapping with open slot so they always go back to the same spot. Next I started with the cat with the highest needed (mine was 37483 - numbers are right, not positive on order). So for mine I started in client 4 and did 1 pet, then swapped to client 2 and did 1 pet, and repeated until I had 4 pets on 4, 3 on 2, then did 1 pet each on 2, 3, 4 - and then did 3 pets on each 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (I did these in order from 1-5 and by the time I got back to 1 the pet action was done and I could do it again). It took me 2 attempts to get it, and I will say I had pretty easy numbers.

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    Awesome, that's very encouraging. How did you position your toons? I tried something similar to that but the cats kept moving so I would miss some pets on different cats. I put a repeater region in an area to hover over the cats but they kept moving.

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    I got the mount solo in a pug last night after failing to get the kills timed right on my own (trying on a L110 team was hard). Disappointed that you can only load in the people you got the mount with (my pug group) and not just anyone you are grouped with. Then seeing that alts using the mount could load in anyone in group, I was encouraged a bit. Then I saw the blue twitter post stating that behavior was unintended and they were going to hotfix it I am discouraged again.

    It is a great mount, let me load in any group member without the speed buff. This would be so cool for ferrying around friends, who don't have flying, for group content.

    Blue tweet for reference
    Guilds: Spirit of St Louis/Saint Louis
    US- Trollbane/Zuljin Horde and Alliance

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    I think they already hot fixed it because none of my toons will load in the mount.

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    I did not use a repeater region to pet the cats, I did it manually by swapping to each window.

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    Hey Xyl41! I used your technique and it worked like a charm. It took 4 tries but I got passed the Cat woman. Thanks for the help

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