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    Default 8.1 Changes, can no longer maintain 5 Windows

    Hmm well this is a problem, not sure if it was due to changes in wow or not, but now in environments with lots of activity like raids or any world pvp with 8 or more, I cannot maintain 5 windows they just exit no errors or nothing, just gone I am seeing out of my 8 CPU cores 4 are between 90-100% and I never looked at this PRE the changes, anyone else having problems?

    Pre-raid CPU

    then once I get into combat it goes to 100% on 4 cpu's and then sometimes random but usually 2-3 will just exit with no errors or anything, I am still using DX11 so any of the new graphical changes should not affect me. It was usually always choppy once in 25+ raids but never dropped me.

    In raid/Player Heavy Environment

    now obviously the issue is CPU hitting 100%, at least to my eyes it is but the question is if I am on DX11 don't I avoid all those changes, or maybe it's just due to the number of people for 8.1.
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