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    "CPU is dramatically impacted by slave framerates. If they aren't already, make sure your maxfpsbk is set to 12 and see if that helps. FYI, I found that setting the background framerate to less than 12 tended to give me mixed results with things like follow breaking, etc. 12 was enough to avoid that and still get a lot of benefit on the CPU side."

    This did the world.. After days of testing. Even had framerate on slaves at 15 but still crash, crash and crash again

    Also tried this but no change

    "can you check if one (or more) of your wow windows is set to windowed and not to fullscreen in the wow display settings?
    I had that problem which made playing impossible"

    So I better renew my subs. Was a bit anoyed that with my first xmas vacation in 5 years and 7 teams at 115 I had to stop on the 19th

    I still struggle a bit on 2 of the windows but hopefully I will get a processor with more than 4 cores later and

    Been playing for 2 hours and has had 1 dc in Borales and two with long loading times when exiting a vehicle
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    I made sure when 8.1 launched to NOT upgrade my Nvidia drivers, after I read that it was problematic. Can confirm with pre-8.1 Nvidia drivers there are no crashes on my machine for my 5 box setup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocknard View Post
    I got a clip of my second window closing, it's random on what window closes I imagine if I pinpointed which CPU is running which PID I could find out more
    So as pointed out by Mirai it's generally overworked hardware that causes this. You can sort of force this issue (as a test) by putting 5-10 clients on one CPU core and spamming dps buttons. Most clients will work fine, some will start lagging, then delayed key-presses leading to an eventual crash if it can't catch up.

    Weird eh? Before 8.1 it would just lower your fps and that would be it.
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    Kayley, that does remind me of something worth mentioning: multiplicative stacking of keypresses.

    For example, if I press "1" 5 times per second, and "1" has a keymap that sends "1" to all clients, I end up with 5 keypresses per second to each client.

    If my "1" keymap sends keys 1-5 and "f" to all 5, I now have 35 keypresses per second to each client.

    If my "1" keymap is also set to trigger on press AND release, I now have 70 keypresses per second to each client.

    Now, imagine I'm using the Pro setup. My "Paladin doDPS" mapped key is set to fire when pressed AND released, and:
    * calls Paladin doDPSAbilities (keys 1-8), which is also set to fire on press/release
    * calls Paladin doSelfHealThingies (3 buttons), which is also set to fire on press/release
    * calls Paladin protGearMacro,

    I now have one button that, if pressed 5 times per second, effectively sends 240 (!) actions per second to each client. Multiply that by the number of clients and...well...

    If you have some PC overhead, you're probably OK but I'm sure it is fairly obvious what starts happening if you are...promiscuous with your "referred" mapped key presses, especially on a system that is heavily loaded to begin with.
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    Thanks all I have fixed it so far, by changing my CPU setup from the default balanced 1/1/1/1/1/0/0/0 to 1/2/2/2/2 with 1 window having CPU 8 and sharing another and then further reducing my 3d rendering to pretty much 3d bit pixels on my slaves which is fine, now the cpu's run a decent CPU load but no crashes, now if Activision blizzard can just fix the main capital zone lags with better servers.

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