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    Quote Originally Posted by Tacit View Post
    Nice video. I always appreciate germane commentary on tips and tricks.
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    That's... amazing. I would have never though 5 hunters would be this successful this expansion.

    If you end up getting into a bind and find that you just need a little more healing. I had some pretty good success with 1 Resto Shaman / 4x Hunter. Spamming chain heal hits the pets as well as your team keeping everyone topped off.

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    Anytime, always up for anything.

    Week 3 keystones from the chest were less than stellar. +4's but 3 were my bottom 3 dungeons so those weren't happening, 1 for shrine and 1 for waycrest. Tyranical and Bolstering presented it's own challenges for me. Boss fights took longer and was was being a bit careful on trash pulls. Was able to clear +4 shrine, just took forever and complete. I was confidant going into +4 waycrest but wiped on the tree looking dude outside, but did finish in time by 4 seconds. And of course it gives me a +5 shrine come on, seriously. LOL.

    Maybe Week 4 will be better.

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    keep making videos tacit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fat Tire View Post
    keep making videos tacit
    Will do! Going to run +5 shrine tonight so I'll record that action. Really just hoping to get it done and maybe get an upgrade on the Galecaller's boon for one of the boys. I'll share my strats on those fights.

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    Tacit has hijacked this thread (in a good way), and I'll just go ahead and echo the sentiment that more videos are welcome, especially if they're clearly voiced. If you'd like, feel free to open up a mega-thread on either the video or composition sub-forums to share your stuff.
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    Ya, sorry, didn't mean to Hijack the thread. Just excited to have folks to talk to that can relate.

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