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    Post 2 Man RAF Leveling Strat & Discussion

    The idea is to level 1 of each class while the "Refer a Friend" exp bonus is active. Each team comp is unique and each class can only be used once. I will update the "Best Overall" based on discussion, forum posts, and patch number. See link to spreadsheet below.

    Best Overall Explanation
    Death Knight Death Knight Starts at level 55. Eventually pairs with Hunter for brez/goblin jumper cables.
    Demon Hunter Demon Hunter Starts at level 98. Eventually pairs with Warlock for soul stone.
    Rouge Druid Druid can tank/rez. Double stealth.
    Mage Paladin Paladin can tank/rez.
    Priest Monk Monk can tank/rez. Monk compensates for low priest dps.
    Shaman Warrior War can tank. Shaman has rez.
    Warlock Hunter Double pet tanks.

    Special thanks to Xyl41
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    Demon Hunter + Monk Mobility?

    What is flying serpent kick + double jump like while trying to multibox?
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    My first question is - why does having RAF matter? If you have full heirlooms, then using heirlooms is better than RAF. Full heirlooms yields 55% bonus exp where as RAF gives only 50% bonus exp - but there's a catch! If you have RAF active you get 50% bonus exp even if your heirlooms give 55%, this is the way it currently is as of 8.0 - not sure if 8.1 changes this. I tested this after I noticed 1 of my 5 team was leveling faster and noticed the one that is not linked in RAF is getting more exp than the ones that have RAF.

    Otherwise, is this starting at minimum level (1, 20, 55, 98) or will these be boosted (110)? If you are leveling from minimum level then DK + DH would go together, as 55-98 could be done with 2x DK which would minimize the number of required total characters.

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    Sheesh I didn't realize that RAF and heirlooms no longer stack. Thanks for bringing this to my attention:

    These characters will all start at minimum level. Perhaps a few will start 20 if I introduce allied races. Let's just assume 0-120. The only real significant requirement here is:

    Each class can only be used once per account. Which combinations of 2 work best?
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    If each class can only be used once, then efficiency will dictate DK + DH as a group. With this set up you will solo level a DK 55-98 and join your DH at 98. Any other combo will require 1(20)-55 and 1(20)-98, which will negate any gains when determining the best group, as the time for the DK and DH partner would equal to more than an entire extra character. This leaves us with the following:

    Rogue + Druid - Stealth, heals, rez
    DK + DH - required for efficiency
    Priest + Monk - class with healing + class with tanking
    Mage + Paladin - Paladin has good self healing, partner healing, rez
    Hunter + Warlock - dual tank pets to keep mobs off you, plus BM hunters have an easy GSE macro you can bind to every key

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    You bring up a very good point. The DK and DH start out at level 55 and 98 respectively. As this applies to RAF, leveling a DK and DH together combine the two classes with a level offset. Instead of "granting levels" to keep the two classes in sync, I'll make an exception to the requirement. It is more efficient to level two Death Knights together until level 90, which is when RAF bonuses stop (BFA).

    **For every 2 levels gained on the RAF account, 1 level can be granted to a lower level character on the veteran account**
    **Death Knights can contribute a maximum of 17 granted levels, Demon Hunters contribute 0, and all others 44 levels**
    **Triple experience bonus applies cross realm (heirloom bonus is better), granted levels can't be spent cross realm**
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