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    Default Launching and Renaming Multiple WoW Windows Using Hot Keys Infinite Solution

    Hello all!
    I had been busy renaming wow windows for days via my script when I decided to post this thread.
    I searched in forums for hours to see if anyone had posted a viable solution to this matter, some people explained the issue well, yet there was no sign of a solid script that could launch and rename multiple wow instances using only Ctrl T buttons.
    What you see below is used for 3 WoWs, but before copy+pasting it you should be aware of two things:
    1-After Legion XPAC, for some reason 2 windows open when you launch one instance of WoW, one is hidden, the other is visible. That hidden window causes all the trouble.
    2-If you want to expand this script to be usable for more than 3 WoWs, you should also know that only in the first instance, you MUST rename the hidden window AFTER renaming the main window. After the first instance on, you MUST rename the hidden window FIRST and only then you are able to rename the main window.
    Knowing these 2 key concepts will make you able to expand this script as you want.
    For running multiple WoWs on multiple PCs, you should test if I don't (I'm going to and I will update it here) to figure out the priority based on which visible and invisible WoW windows open.
    I really hope it saves your time!!!
    P.S: If you manage to add resizing and re positioning script to it, I really appreciate your effort.

    <Command LaunchAndRename>
    <SendPC %1%>
    <Run %2%>
    <Wait 5000>
    <RenameWin "World of Warcraft" %3%>
    //<RenameTargetWin %3%>
    <SetAffinity all>
    <Hotkey Alt Ctrl L>
    <If WinDoesNotExist WoW1>
    <LaunchAndRename local "D:\WoW\Wow.exe" WoW1>
    <wait 500>
    <RenameWin "World of Warcraft" WoW1>
    <wait 500>
    <RenameWin WoW1 "Hidden Dialog Box">
    <If WinDoesNotExist WoW2>
    <LaunchAndRename local "D:\WoWkhodam3\Wow.exe" WoW2>
    <wait 500>
    <RenameWin WoW2 "Hidden Dialog Box">
    <wait 500>
    <RenameWin "World of Warcraft" WoW2>
    <If WinDoesNotExist WoW3>
    <LaunchAndRename local "D:\WoWHossein\Wow.exe" WoW3>
    <wait 500>
    <RenameWin WoW3 "Hidden Dialog Box">
    <wait 500>
    <RenameWin "World of Warcraft" WoW3>
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    Why do you have a LaunchAndRename command when you're not actually going to utilize the entire command?

    Just change it to
    <Hotkey Alt Ctrl T>
    <SendPC Local> <Run "C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_retail_\Wow.exe">
    <RenameWin "World of Warcraft" HiddenDialogBox1> <RenameWin "World of Warcraft" WoW1> <TargetWin WoW1> <SendWin WoW1>
    <text [YourUsernameHere]>
    <Key Tab> <Wait 100> <SendWin WoW1> <Text [YourPassword]> <Key Enter> <TargetWin WoW1> <SetWinSize 1920 1050> <SetWinPos 320 0>
    Also, what if one of your three clients crashes? With your script, you'd have to restart all three clients instead of the the actual one that crashed. This script also logins automatically for you so you don't have to remember username and password for multiple accounts.

    I'd change the hotkey to
    <Hotkey ScrollLockOn Alt Numpad1>
    For the first client, and add the code below it. Do the same for the other two clients.
    <Hotkey ScrollLockOn Alt Numpad2>
    So essentially, pressing Alt + Numpad 1 to 3 (with ScrollLock On) starts each individual client for you. Logins automatically, resizes it and moves the window to its correct position. You can also start everything holding Alt and pressing Numpad1, Numpad2 and Numpad3 and it will start everything for you.

    Having the entire start order in one sequence is a bad thing

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