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    Default BfA on sale $29.88

    Amazon has BfA on sale for $29.88 physical copy only.

    That's cheap and it includes the 110 boost.

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    For anyone who doesn't know how to do this:

    You will need 1 free account slot on your (so 7 or less total WoW accounts)
    Create a trial account - do not add a subscription
    Purchase a BFA CD Key (through amazon physical, online digital store, etc)
    Redeem the CD key - when asked to set up a subscription hit cancel
    Log into the WoW Account (that is on the same account) that you want the boost, use the boost
    Go to Remove WoW Starter Edition on Battlnet -
    Remove the account you just created
    Note: If you add a subscription, you won't be able to remove the account
    Repeat the process per boost you want.

    I have used this to get multiple boots for my group and have used this method as recently as this week.

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    hrm...this seem like a much less grindy way to get the rest of my teams to 110 lol.

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