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    Default Mythic+ Dualboxing

    Hey, i wanted to ask if somebody is doing mythic+ with his team and if there are any expiriences they can share?

    Last expansion, prot pala/dk and bm hunter/afflilock are the teams i played and probably also the classes that were the most multiboxing friendly.

    Is this still the case or what teams are people playing nowadays?

    Best regards

    Edit: Sorry for the topic, i meant multiboxing ofcourse, i am a bit tired
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    Yes. People are boxing mythic+. While it is a bit more challenging as far as instance mechanics than in Legion, it is doable. So far the best success that I've seen has been found with trinity setups, but some are still running all tank teams, all hunters teams, and I did a +4 on a 1×Prot & 4×Ret Paladin setup. So in theory at least all the options are viable to an extent. Some fights gave mechanics that are not doable for most non-trinity setups though.

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