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    Default Changing charaters/sets without relaunching instance of wow?

    I'm wondering if it is possible to swap characters in set or change it a different set on the fly without having to shutdown the instance of WOW that character is running in?

    I tried swapping in a new char, saved and exported, then relaunched the character set. But unless I close WOW and let ISboxer reopen it, when I load in the new char, I still get the message saying ISboxer was expecting the character that I swapped out.


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    Thanks for the reply but that's what I was trying. When ISboxer refreshes the client at the character screen, the Reload message that pops up still shows the name of the char that I swapped out and when I log in I get the wrong char message.

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    At the character select screen, the Addon should not be loaded, or at least it may not have reloaded the correct version of the addon depending on what order you do things. Order is important.
    You should try by camp out to the character select screen for all games, load the new ISBoxer team there (right click the InnerSpace icon, select ISBoxer Character Sets, name of your new set), and then back on the character select screen, select the correct characters for that team. Once loaded into the game, if you still get that message, then it usually means the characters are actually in the wrong slot, which may stem from the fact that you haven't got the slots in your character sets properly aligned so that Slot1 is always characters from AccountA, and Slot2 is always characters from AccountB, etc.
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    Ok, I got it figured out. I was relaunching the character set from the Toolkit, when I launched from InnerSpace in the taskbar it worked. Thanks

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