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    Default A second Click bar

    hello community

    as title states im working on setting another click bar up for my 5man team in wow.

    I have a working setup for my healer so on all 5 toons i can heal on any of them.

    My problem though is that now i try to make a second click bar, and no matter what i do i only get it "the new click bar" shown on one toon. If i just try and make a copy of my allready working healing click bar but with other starting position it will only show up on on toon, if i use the wizard it still only shows up on one toon.
    I really cant figure out why that is, hope for bit of advice i can try out.

    have a nice day.

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    Did you make sure it is assigned to your character set/characters?
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    Yes it were assigned correctly to my knowledge, i made a copy and made sure everything was the same except the starting coordinates but did only show up on one toon.

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