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    I just installed a gtx 1070 that made a huge difference to my old system, but I still want a new build. I going with the 1070, 32gb, and an asus z390 board. I was recommended to get either an i5-9600 or i7-9700......6 or 8 core.
    My question, can I do the i5 now and upgrade the cpu about a year down the road? Will the i5 be good for now?

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    The 1070 is ok for a 5man. Its a bit similar to the 980ti.
    Keep that and upgrade to the best you can afford later on, with a system like this. It will play a 5man very nicely.

    The motherboard can have 64gb ram. So if you want to 10box later, add another set of 32gb. Or buy the entire 64gb kit if you can afford it now.

    I wouldnt buy a 6 core etc without hyperthreading. Rather save a little bit longer and buy a i7 or i9 ideally.
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