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    Default What part should I upgrade?

    My Comp is about 10 years old. I recently starting 5 boxing and frame rate was alright until I made it to Boralus. All setting are on low and it is unplayable while in this hub.

    Just wondering if there is any cheap upgrade to my old computer running Win7?

    • ASUS P6T Intel X58
      HIS Radeon HD 4870 Dx 10.1
      6GB DDR3 corsair XMS3
      Intel i7-920 Bloomfield Quad-Core 2.66 GHz

    Thanks for the help.

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    "Upgrading" any of that is probably going to be like putting a band-aid over a gushing wound, but a 980X is going to be the best CPU you can put into that motherboard, along with 24GB of triple channel RAM. However, I would double check that your motherboard's BIOS supports both of those.

    I don't know how much that will all cost you, but it looks like a few hundred dollars, at minimum. After that, buy a new GPU and see how it all works out, but if you want to go this route, I would expect that you may not be able to re-sell any of this hardware because it's so old. So, you might be throwing money at it for no reason since it may continue to perform below the level that you desire.
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    Well crap!

    OK, thanks for that info.

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