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    Post New to WoW and WoW Boxing- A few questions please

    Afternoon !

    I have been stalking these forums for awhile and i must say thanks for all the great information. I've also been reading on icy veins and wowhead but it is hard to know what is "in date" information that is still valid.

    I think the worst thing is the acronyms and the "oh just pop over to (add obscure named zone here) and kill (add acronym here) and he will drop the (add another damn acronym here) and them BOOM bobs your uncle you've beat the game.

    I have been a boxer in Everquest for a long time but got a wild hair to try WoW and just like EQ WoW has a tonnnn of expansions and information to drown yourself in.

    So i started a warlock and quested him to 65 to get a little familiar with the game mechanics. After that i figured heck lets 3 box and decided on 3 hunters.

    Those guys are level 30 and cruising ahead rather quickly, i wanted to level to at least 60 to understand the basics of how they play. I ran them into a dungeon just to see and they could take out all the trash but not really the main guys.

    Regular questing at this lower level is no issue, my team never gets hurt but i was mainly thinking about the dungeons/upgrade equipment fights

    So now the questions-

    For the hunters is there a heal for themselves? I have read about the spirit pets heal but then also (cant find it again) i thought i read the spirit mend was removed. I have also read about legendary's that heal but holy cow all this info is like drinking from an active fire hose to grasp all that at once.

    I've thought of just adding number 4 and 5 to the team but have been walking before running. Also i didnt want to level 5 of something that i have never leveled 1 of.

    When adding up a couple more DPS at these lower levels does it make a huge difference? I guess i would just level these 3 to 60 then boost them and then boost the other 2 after the first three hit 110?

    If I'm boosting to 110 after leveling to 60 can 3 hunters walk into a bar.... oh sorry i mean walk into a dungeon and kill the mobs and get gear upgrades? or will they just be overwhelmed by lack of heals and dps?

    I know I have read about 5 hunters doing Mythic +10.... but ill be honest beside the hunter part of that statement i have no clue what the hell that means. I also assume they are much better geared then the 110 freebie stuff which wouldn't make that comparison apples to apples.

    What is instance boosting? Is that still a valid method to level lower alts and gear them?

    I believe i know the basic info- vanilla (HAH my first use of a descriptor) dungeon zones max at 60 which then when a 110 goes into the zone he can wipe the whole place easy. My confusion is- does this mean the lower level character just gets credit for the quest turn in since the lower mobs shouldn't give exp? And if so is dungeon exp good enough to make that worth while?

    How tough is it to box a mixed team?

    Seems like a trinity 5 man would be solid but unlike boxing EQ there isnt a healer helper in WoW. My warlock is super fun but i dont think 5 of him would blow my skirt up.

    It seems like with keybinds you could fairly easily get heals rolling but it would by no means max out a characters potential.

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    There is a hunter heal spell called Exhilaration, available at level 24.

    For hunters, adding 2 more would increase your DPS and number of tanks by 66%. I have leveled a few hunter teams and they are still my favorite class despite all the nerfs over last few expansions. I'm a big fan of 5-hunter squads. And open-world leveling with them is super easy.

    IIRC, dungeon(aka instance) boosting is much less viable than it used to be but some folks seem to still have ways to make it work. See this thread for more info: (also, FYI: )

    Mythics are just much harder versions of the same dungeons/raids.

    Mixed teams are much more complex to setup and maintain than plan 5-man groups, though the ISBoxer Pro System makes it a lot easier to manage.

    Trinity teams work for some folks, but I find managing all the separate movement of effectively 3 different groups of characters just too much like work, so I tend to do all melee, all ranged, etc. There are some folks that run e.g. 1 healer + 4 tanks, or healer/tank/3xMeleeDPS and they drive from the healer while using Interact With Target to keep the melee on the target.

    As far as acronyms and data overload, yeah, it's problematic. (As a military vet, it's quite tame by comparison, though. ) A fair bit of it is knowing about things like, + GnomeSequencer addon, this forum, and don't forget the ISBoxer Discord channels and main ISBoxer forums.
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    Awesome man, thanks much for the reply! Great reads in those links

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    If your coming from EQ, it's the same layout. Especially if you've played the later expansions of EQ where CC is not as much of a thing and you just aoe down the pack. (you can still cc, but it's not like it was in early WoW and EQ for that matter).

    The reason hunters work is because their pets can be a tank, similar to a war/ Shadowknight/ Paladin in EQ. They hold aoe aggro perfectly fine and you have a really strong pet heal every 10 seconds, on top of if one pet dies you can just revive it and its back in the fight.
    In the most recent expansion they are no longer as effective as a true tank, especially on some boss fights - where movement of the boss is needed.

    For open world questing, mobs effectively scale based on how many people are hitting them. So if a mob has 100 hp and your 1 person it maintains that, if you have 2 people on it, it ends up having 200 hp or thereabouts. (I'm not sure the exact numbering). So you no longer see the "real" power of multiboxing open world content, but its still way more effective than just playing 1.
    In dungeons though where everything has a set hp you shine because your coordinated.

    If you've done triple boxing and are pondering going to 4-5, I'd say do it, just for the fact that once you hit max level you'll most likely want to try different classes and combos, I don't think I've ever hit any expansion with my "team" and been happy with the classes I've had and wanted to switch something up, so the more options you have the better.

    As far as multiboxing goes, WoW is the true pinnacle of it, it's extremely fluid and feels natural with no clunkiness.
    Dungeons were revamped and they are pretty difficult while leveling, you pretty much need a full group to complete them.
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    You mention boosting to 110 after you hit 60. I should mention there are no longer any benefits to waiting to level 60 before using your 110 boost, no professions, no garrison, nothing.

    In BfA, the end game dungeons seem to require a trinity setup, or at the least 4xDPS 1xHeals. My 5xHunter team can clear more dungeons than my 5xTank team, but its nothing like Legion, need a heals.

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    Thanks guys for all the info.....!

    We have a nice little earth quake up here yesterday so didnt get to check the forums.

    Thanks Ellay that does help a lot with the basic mechanics of the game and i will probably just jump into five. I totally agree, every time i had a box setup that was almost "done" i made new alts... every damn time!

    John Gabriel i think you just broke my heart... i have been eyeing that damn boost button for days now and i kept saying "no, play with the class and learn (good) and then at 60 you get profession boost so then you can boost... dont touch the button"

    Well I am going to boost one today and play with dungeon towing on the other two just so i can understand that idea and then probably boost the other two.

    I guess my last question or thought might be- as i like to be efficient, if i boost the first 3 should i get the other two accounts right away and boost them together? The only reason i ask is that i have no clue if the quests and such that came out in BFA- heart of Azeroth or Artifact weapons are solo only or team based. I hate running quests 3 times back to back because my toons didnt grab the last one.... 5 might make my head explode.

    And just to clarify that last statement- running quest after quest of the same type in the same sitting annoys me... but on separate days with new toons that isnt so bad.... just need a break before you collect X and kill Y and then turn into the same Z guy.

    And i guess the real question is- which i know is based my playstyle- since leveling is kinda a bugger from 60-90 (so i have read) would you boost the other two as the DPS hunters or start playing with a trinity? And i am guessing most trinities drive from the healer?

    I guess i could make 5 lower level toons and play them to test the trinity but lower content just doesn't give the same challenge so i would never know it was hard or wrong until later. The 3 hunters i am playing are really 1 key spammers and everything in open world dies.... like right now haha.

    Thanks again all !

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    I would make a set of 5 lower level characters and see how you like it. The boost I've always had buyers remorse on. I wish I would have boosted a different set.
    Some good news coming up is the patch 8.1 is making the overall leveling process much faster, most levels saw a pretty big drop in exp required to level.
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