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    Default Follow with gap distance not sure what is called.

    I am trying to find out how to set this up on Isboxer for wow. So not too long ago I watch one upload from Mirai on “stress test with 60 toons” or something to that matter. All the toons were following in a line with a gap in front of each other. I seen a few boxers do a giant circle and have their toons follow behind each other instead of the regular cluster. Just for cosmetic looks of course . I can’t seemed to find a thread on how to get this started. I really want to tinker with this just unsure where to start from.

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    It's just a conga-line where each char follows the next char. So, 2 follows 1, 3 follows 2, etc.
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    Here's an old guide that should still work just fine -
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    Here's an old guide that should still work just fine -
    Ty Mirai will try this hope I can get it to work.

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    Ema and jamba both have train follow! Setup if you use them addons u need to access it with command line on jamba "/jamba-follow train all", ema is the same with /ema not jamba as wrll ema u can set it to a keybinding in the wow keybinding options!

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