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    Default Input Director - Software KVM.

    A useful solution for anyone that is using, or wants to use, a multi comp setup. Input Director is a KVM software solution that allows you to control multiple PC's with one keyboard/mouse. You install the software on all the systems, set the one that has the keyboard/mouse attached as the master. Then set all the other PC's to slaves and configure the monitor layout. Input Director allows the mouse to transition from one computers screen to the next as if it was all one system. Which ever screen has the mouse focus is the one that gets the keyboard input. Also works with programmable mice/keyboards. Might be some lag depending on speed or load on the network but with sufficient bandwidth you wont notice much.

    Has anyone tried any KVM software before? I tired a few, InputDirect seems to be the best solution for me. Easy to install/setup. Has multi monitor support. And Free.

    Just thought I'd suggest it here if anyone wanted to give it a try.


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    I used InputDirector back when I ran multiple PCs with Octopus. It worked fine with the keyboard and remote control but had problems with regards to mouse broadcasting (slaves spinning in circles while mouse held down).
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    While it's an older thread, there is a sticky at the top of this forum referring to KM sharing software.
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    Been considering to try this, anyone tried it with wow?

    Edit... ah right there is a sticky post....

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