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    Thumbs up New upcoming multithread changes in wow, up on the ptr.

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    Nice catch wowbox40. I wonder if that will change the landscape for multiboxing hardware for WoW.

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    I'd surmise that if it is a fix to DX12 rendering being CPU-bound, then it means enabling it will necessarily eat more of your CPU threads, and may require a different core allocation if you manage that manually.
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    Default Multicore Threading in 8.1

    Coming in 8.1 Blizz will be adding support for multicore threading to WOW. How do you think this will affect performance while multiboxing? Has anyone tested it on the PTR?

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    All depends on how they optimize it. And with Blizzard apparently moving a bunch of their efforts to mobile gaming, that will be an interesting evolution to be sure. I don't see any material changes for multiboxers aside from possibly a change in the way we assign core affinity.
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    Tides of Vengeance brings new optimizations for medium-high setups, allowing the WoW game engine to better use multithreaded processors. These changes show improvements of around 20% to framerates, depending on system specs.On top of these changes, players using Nvidia cards should see even more improvements, as their most recent driver update (December 3rd) includes further optimizations, adding another 5% or so improvement to frame rate values.
    It is important to note that all these optimizations are available only for users using DirectX 12 (Windows) or Metal (macOS) graphic APIs
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