I'm new, hence the excitement over something a lot on here might already know or do a better way. I recently had some success with binding several actions I do all of the time to button. I call it my "Magic Broadcast Button" - Sets camera angle, Turns off click to move, broadcasts anything while held down. I now have a lot less toons jumping off the ship trying to click the recruits flag or running off into the sunset doing the Turtle dudes shell game.
Well, here's what I did to make the button. In WoW, in game keybinds, make a key to Set Camera Angle. You have to manually make all of your toons have this same angle of course
In ISBoxer there's three settings under Keymaps. 1) - Put this key in Base Hotkeys, straight to broadcast. 2) - Under Toggles make same key Activate Repeat current window and pick pressed OR released (makes it so it only broadcasts while held down). 3) - Under WoW make same key turn off Click to Move.
This has been working well for me so far, and I run mixed range/mele teams. I didn't use the mouse only broadcast because I sometimes like to hit some keys with it. If anyone sees a problem doing it this way please let me know, I'm having fun learning this stuff.