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    Need some help with a lua script that keeps giving me a nil value.

    Using [redacted] for my macro addon.

    function slh()
    if buffed("Holy Word: Shield") then cast("Lesser Heal") end
    if not buffed("Holy Word: Shield") then cast("Holy Word: Shield") end

    Basically I want my priest to cast shield on my tank after it fades but if he has shield on than just go straight to casting lesser heal.

    I had it working but after casting lesser heal once it stops waiting for shield to come up again instead of going straight to lesser heal.

    Any help would be great, Thanks.
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    if I remember correctly, this is a behaviour which blizzard broke long time ago.

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    Cool story, but discussion of private servers are not allowed on this forum.
    Do not send me a PM if what you want to talk about isn't absolutely private.
    Ask your questions on the forum where others can also benefit from the information.

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