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Thread: 3-man dungeons

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    Default 3-man dungeons

    I've been playing around with a variety of low-level classes and comps, just getting comfortable with multiboxing, and I'm thinking that when 8.1 hits with the xp changes, I should commit to a comp and take it all the way to cap. The reason I'm planning 3-man is to solo island expeditions and, for a challenge, eventually see how I can do in dungeons. If I get stuck, finding a pair of extra DPS is easy enough, and I can still set the pace of the run myself.

    As a 3-man, I'll need to squeeze as much DPS in as I can, so I'm thinking of something along the lines of:

    Prot Pally
    Disc Priest
    Mage (spec for encounter)

    Another, less cookie-cutter option I'm considering is:

    Brewmaster Monk
    Resto Shaman

    Both of those comps cover the basics (interrupts, CC, lust) pretty well, but I think the second is probably more versatile and has two combat rezzes, but will do lower DPS? What do you all think would make a good 3-man dream team?

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    Since you plan on leveling all the way, might want to also consider the transmog appearances you can collect. Running a monk/shaman/warlock team would cover the most.

    My 3 man dream team, chosen for high survibility, high dps, and ease of boxing:

    Bear Tank
    Hunter DPS
    Holy Priest

    You mention Disc for DPS but it is actually the lowest DPS. The Disc priest can heal while DPSing, and the holy priest has to stop DPS to heal, but holy is higher DPS, if that makes sense. With the highest DPS healer of all being the druid.

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    I would caution you against running LFD / mythic dungeons with 2 pub DPS. In fact this was my biggest stressor during Wrath as you'd get a number of morons. Once they realize you play all 3 they cry, moan, try to votekick you (lol) and a whole lot of pulling trash to wipe your party.

    The WoW community is extremely toxic towards multiboxers as it's seen a form of class envy. I 5 box to avoid most of these people and still they occasionally find us in the open world and /spit, cry more and generally try to be as much of an asshole as possible. This is with war mode off not bothering anybody. And LFR.. lol. You can top all the meters and be the MvP of the group and they'll still vote kick you. Yes, even if it means costing them another half hour. Not a very intelligent group but it is what it is.

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