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    Default Ten man team split into two groups of 5 for questing purposes

    I play WoW and use ISBoxer and Jamba. Is there a way to view a clickable team display of 10 toons without having them in raid? I tried doing two groups of five but I can't get the Jamba display to show everyone together. It would be nice to not be in raid sometimes to do quests.
    I did spend several hours looking for another thread on this across Google and this site. I'm sorry if I missed something staring me in the face.

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    Surely Jamba should still show your full team, even if you split in to 2 groups?

    Personally I stole my solution from Mosg2 and have the same key that does my questing party invites also toggle on video effects that show the party frames (or raid frames really since I use raid frames as party frames) from the healers in the second and third questing party. The viewers have repeater pass-through so I can click heal or set the focus through them as well. It looks more or less identical to having all my toons in one raid group. My menu button for leaving groups also toggles those VFX off so they are not there when I don't need them.

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    Thank you for your response. It sounds like healers would only be able to heal members of their own group that way.

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    That is sort of the end result for targetted healing, sure. I've yet to run in to questing content where that is not sufficient especially taking in to account the bleed over AOE healing from the other groups' healers.

    But this might not be what you wish to do, which is fine. I am still unclear as to why your Jamba team would not show your full team if you split in to 2 parties. The frame always showed all my team members for me, regardless of groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumasaum View Post
    Thank you for your response. It sounds like healers would only be able to heal members of their own group that way.
    You can create an isboxer menu with a button for healing each individual character. That way may be easier than videoFX as well.

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    Thank you for the great ideas guys. I'm embarrassed to say I had the box checked in Jamba to only show team in party. Yea... /slapface!

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