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    Default Making the switch to 3, have some questions.

    I quit 5-boxing sometime ago, but always have had 1 account active since then. I haven't kept up to date with boxing since Panda, but I'm interested in 3 boxing now.....DKs or Hunters come to mind. Mainly Island Exp, War Front and WQ stuff.

    1. If my 2 deactivated accounts have all classes at lvl 90, should I just active them? Any benefit of getting two new accounts instead of reactivating?
    2. Last time i boxed was Panda, and my computer easily handled 5 accounts. Did hardware requirements drastically change since then?

    3. Anyone recently made the switch from 1 to 3 accounts? Id like to hear if you are enjoying it.

    Thank You!

    edit. I just looked at the toons on the inactive accounts.

    For 3 DKs, 2 are on KJ and 1 on Malganis.
    And I only have 2 Hunters, no third.

    Thinking I need 2 new accounts to Raf.
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    OK, well Ive decided to purchase 2 new accounts since my inactive toons are spread across realms and factions.....and my 3rd hunter is lvl 34.

    Problem is my bnet account is currently full with 6 inactive, 1 banned, and 1 active. I just chatted with blizzard support and was told they don't remove accounts(banned or inactive).
    Told them I want to purchase 2 new accounts so I can RAF........and remove 2 old accounts so my new accounts can fit. He basically said I need a new battlenet for the 2 new accounts and Blizzard does not "remove" accounts.
    I really don't want a second bnet.

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    If you only want to play 3, just re-activate 2 more accounts on your main battlenet.

    As you buy bfa x 2 , you also get 2 x lvl 110 boosts. Why care about RAF.

    Your pc should be up to the task i suspect. Give it a go
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