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    Smile Good tool for your taskbar

    7+ Taskbar Tweaker

    This thing is great! I have been using it for all of an hour now and its super helpful for us multiboxers. I main in EvE so someone from other games tell me if its worth it or not.

    Steps: Download it, I did it while clients open so it works there
    2) It will not be always on top so minimize everything as it hid back there and I thought the installer was broken.
    3) Next, read eula, next, finish n save your preferred options
    4) It will look something like this only with default and unchecked settings. Those are just my particular options.
    5) Win at whatever game you are playing! (or dont if you are into that)

    Thank you all

    p.s. My pay it forward was this so help me out and try and get some devs in your games to help out our California fires via donation or in game items etc however you can.

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    Just from looking at the options keep in mind this is very much so broad casting as far as CCP is concerned, I tested it out and it was throwing out button presses a lot faster than a human could. If you could set it to somehow do the client in a sequence with random gaps that would help cover that but as it is now it might be a hammertime situation if ccp gets angsty

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