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    Default looting, gathering Add ons for 5 man teams?

    Looking for some tips or opnions on what people use to help keep account of looting, gathering and what your team is doing.
    For example,
    Loot appraiser. Except loot apraiser does not seem to work for gathering.

    What do you use for farming in general?

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    Set loot to common - and it could show up
    Eonar - EU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tin View Post
    Set loot to common - and it could show up
    Thats what I thought, however did not work for me. Im not entirely sure that it isn't some other reason it wont show herb or ore...but...

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    Loot appraiser does work only if you set loot threshold to Common and gold value to 0, and also have TSM to be able to get AH prices for it. I have my price on MinBuyout

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