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    Default Capping level at 110

    Has anyone here locked xp at 110? I noticed that my 110 alt could clear icc 25 hc way faster than a fresh 120. I am going to have x3 Aff locks locked at 110 and level up Hunter again because I stupidly levelled them to 115 :/

    Anyone here done that? I am thinking that farming Island Expeditions and old content would be so much faster... being able to use last expacs leggos too.

    Or would being 120 be better to farm older content?
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    All i know is that plenty of people i know have quitted because that if you f.ex is ilvl 260, there isnt really any feeling of having more "power" at lvl 120 and in 350 ilvl gear. Since the mob scales to you.
    Its a bit baffling. Its a mmo.. the point is to advance in lvl and gear so you get stronger than mobs in the outside world eventually, imo.. but seems not anymore.

    Though i guess i shouldnt complain, i found a decent farming spot again out in the world (the one ive used the last 3 months been nerfed now, rip), i dont have to lvl new characters to 120, as the mob die pretty quickly to a lvl 110. Which is cool and a timesaver.

    If you are able to farm the old school raids like before at lvl 110, and even islands in bfa, i would definitly have that character xp locked and use any leggos, speedgear and bear tartar speedfood. Its a real timesaver.
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    Ah ty for your reply.. yes it sucks to lose power - and not only that we don't gain anything new

    Not having to level all the way to 120 would be nice, my Aff locks are 110 atm, I guess I will make new Hunters and try Balance Druids too, as Highmountain farming meat for my mains cooking would be great with their racial.

    I want to farm mats faster, its a pita on my main Hunter to get herbs and meat.
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    Its not intentional that you are weaker at 120, and they are working on a fix. I would not turn off the exp since its not that big of a difference and you'll just be behind when they do fix things.

    When you read about the leveling changes in the coming 8.1 patch they talk about the scaling and the stat squish and how its all connected. It certainly seems like they are fixing this.

    Though come December 11th I could be wrong and you would have been better off staying at 110.

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    I turned off the Xp at 110, and been doing with a DH and a lock, its been alot of fun, I only really do Island Exp and pvping at 110. My gears isnt the best but I still feel overpowered, and pvp is a blast.

    Something to do when I burned on just farming gold >.<

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    I have lv. 111 to boost Island run - still a work in progress

    You can read more here
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tin View Post
    I have lv. 111 to boost Island run - still a work in progress

    You can read more here

    That takes me to main site, where is the article/info?

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    this is the guide I have from wow/economy on reddit -

    the thing is if you have already antorus mythic gear you should stay on lvl 110, if you have new character for bfa you should stay at lvl 111, you can still have leggos and you will have acces to crafted 233 ilvl gear.

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    All the info about best gear/class etc. are in the forum.
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    Thanks a lot - appreciate it

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