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    Default 2 Problems since boxing in BfA

    i've been boxing in Legion, took a break and now came back to boxing in BfA.
    I updated Inner Space and IsBoxer and started boxing with my old character sets and settings and all went fine.

    But now i ran into 2 problems:

    I created a new character set with 4 existing characters and one i've never boxed before with.
    The first toon in that set has a special character in his name: "ö"
    This toon works in existing character sets but when i created a new one, i get the error message, that the character set was not found in the Inner Space console.
    solved this one: Removed the "ö" in the name of the character set, now it works.

    I play with a left handed razer naga mouse.
    I got myself another account and on this (and only on this) account, the mouse buttons (left and right) are inverted when i load the game with IsBoxer. When I load the game through the Blizzard Launcher, everything is ok.

    Please help.
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