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    Default 3box - Driving from the healer

    Hi all,

    I recently decided to try out some 3boxing. I have decent experience with dual-boxing over the years (off and on since ~ 2008) for RaF and just for fun, but adding another toon into the mix really opens up a lot of options - so many in fact, that I'm looking to draw on some of your experience for class comps. Just for background, I have kept all classes at max level since wotlk, so I'm pretty familiar with most classes/specs, some more than others.

    The plan is to start two to four teams at level 20 spread across Horde and Alliance, with these goals in order of priority:
    1. Seeing how far I can push dungeons with 3 toons. Obviously this could limit out maybe even in heroics and/or will require overgearing.
    2. I have a couple of friends with multiple accounts, too, and we'll mash them together in interesting ways just to see what they can do.
    3. Soloing/wq/warfronts/island expd as necessary for gear, bypassing a dungeon I hate on the way to 120, etc.

    I have no PvP interests at this time.

    I have been building and trashing comps for a few days now and arrived at the conclusion (like many of you, I'm sure) that driving from the healer is pretty awesome. I have a disc+2BM hunter combo right now that is really fun and actually seems even better than expected for this playstyle. As of now, I believe I'll keep this comp. I tried a disc + 2 lock combo last night, but voidtank survivability and threat didn't seem good to me. Damage was pretty decent, especially with destro. (I have all heirlooms for all class/specs).

    I know there is an argument that most comps can work provided various levels of prep and effort. What I would love to know from other experienced multiboxers is what your experience and opinions are for the best comps for 3boxing where primarily driving from the healer. I know "best" is subjective, but obviously some comps are more capable than others, some more fun, some less "wonky" with ability alignment, etc.


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    I levelled through BFA with a holy pally and two warriors (prot/arms or arms/arms) driving from the healer. Was a lot of fun. Melee (spam iwt) plus charge meant positioning was never given a 2nd thought so I just focussed on healing

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    Quote Originally Posted by davva View Post
    I levelled through BFA with a holy pally and two warriors (prot/arms or arms/arms) driving from the healer. Was a lot of fun. Melee (spam iwt) plus charge meant positioning was never given a 2nd thought so I just focussed on healing
    Thanks for the reply. That sounds pretty fun, imo, and Hpal is one of the only specs I have spent almost zero time on over the years, so it's definitely on my list. I like that it seems more sturdy and could stand near the melee; that seems like it would make it easier to keep an eye on things.
    Did you attempt any dungeons with just this trio?

    Since posting, I've tried a couple more comps with early success:
    Team 1
    1. MW Monk
    2. Prot pal
    3. BM hunter

    Team 2
    1. Disc
    2. Bear
    3. BM hunter

    I watched some videos on ISBoxer and figured out how to create a melee Action Target Group to handle IWT Std and IWT Auto better for mixed teams, adding in Move Backward to cure the issue of IWT sometimes causing the melee toon to run off into the distance and pull the whole dungeon. After working through that, I was able to do Scarlet Halls with Team 1 at roughly lv28 and Stockades on Teams 2 at lv20+.

    I'm not really satisfied with the idea of just plugging in BM into every comp because it's easy. Fortunately, I think having IWT act with melee ability spam AND a dedicated IWT key will make even doing heal/2 melee very feasible.

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    I drove as healer for years. Starting in Wrath if I'm remembering right.

    The things you need to think about are just different. Now I would say the best part about hunters in this scenario for PvE is misdirect makes tanking a lot easier. Misdirect + a blood DK makes driving as a healer real easy.

    When I drove from the tank I noticed I really wasn't ready for it. I was constantly loosing my healer and found managing ranged was a bit more complicated. As a healer I can easily keep ranged in front of me and remote move them like chess pieces on the battlefield. All in real time while healing. Doable. Not really doable for me driving as tank because driving as tank meant I was doing a lot of noise input. Like jumping around and re-positioning for no benefit.

    Driving as healer means some tank encounters might smash you. Like fights where tank movement is critical to success. I always found those harder. Like Serpentrix. For those the best strategy might be to drive from the tank. I never really found a workable solution on those it was all just luck or bad luck or destroying keys.

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