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    Default Triple Disc priest Viability? BFA


    I am wondering if any of you guys have any experience with running 3x Disc priests for gold farming? It seems as though they would be very easy to play / setup, and triple atonement healing would be very strong. In fact, i think that all three of them applying SWP and spamming holy nova alone would be enough damage and healing +atonement healing to tank down extremely large groups.

    Im trying to decide between that comp, and 3x aff locks, or a trinity of sorts with a prot pally, an affliction lock, and a resto druid. My primary goal is to open world gold farm / world pvp.

    Any input would be helpful!

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    Not sure what you plan to farm, but best (imo) is bm hunters, if its mobs out in the world. The taunt ability on the pets makes you take very little damage. Just include a mend pet spell in the rotation, so the pet gets healed. And if you have to afk to go to the toilet etc, the pets can automatically attack mobs that try to attack you. Very handy indeed.
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    I would go with 3 BM hunters as well. They are very efficient at farming world content.

    Sounds like you're farming world quests with the occasional WPvP that goes with it. I cant say how well Disc do in PvP but any setup with a tank or healer is going to make the WQs take twice as long.

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    Having played a 5-man disc priest team up through 100, I can't see how they'd be viable for much in BfA.
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    Well if you like to play priest and how the spells look visualy etc, choosing to play it would make sense. Their healing is nice. And you can ress if one dies. Their dps wont be as good, but its not too bad i guess. Sounds like a fun little team in fact.

    You wont have a "tank" per say, thats the drawback.
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