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    Default [HotKeyNet] Help with 7 line script please

    I just want to broadcast WheelForward and Wheelbackward to 1 World of Warcraft from anywhere outside the game like Desktop or Firefox with the following code:

    <Label w1 Local SendWinM "World of Warcraft">

    <Hotkey WheelForward, WheelBackward>
    <SendLabel w1>
    <Key %Trigger%>

    Actions on this PC:

    From this pc: <SendWinM "World of Warcraft"><Key WheelForward>
    <SendWinM "World of Warcraft"> completed: Window found. Target set to 0x39024C "World of Warcraft"
    <Key WheelForward> completed

    From this pc: <SendWinM "World of Warcraft"><Key WheelBackward>
    <SendWinM "World of Warcraft"> completed: Window found. Target set to 0x39024C "World of Warcraft"
    <Key WheelBackward> completed

    I have tried replacing WheelForward and Wheelbackward with other keys and it's still not broadcasting.
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    run as admin?
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    With the exception of Global Hotkeys in Windows, then all input is directed to the current Active Window. If it doesn't have a handler for it, then that input can be passed up to a parent process, culminating in the Operating System, and if there are no handlers found, the input is chucked, usually with a default windows bong noise to indicate invalid input, although sometimes not if that input is swallowed (mouse input usually is NOT passed up to parents for obvious reasons - it makes no sense to do so)***.

    So, unless you can make HotKeyNet register a Global Windows hotkey, you'll be SOL from grabbing input from any random process, unless HotKeyNet happens to be the parent process, and it wont be a parent of the desktop.

    *** this is a simplification to something that is more easily understood.

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