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    Default Cheapest build for 8 wow on lowest settings

    hello, would like to add 8 more account to my already 8 accounts multiboxing setup, would like to know a super cheap build to run 8 intsances of wow in the lowest settings possible i dont care about graphics, thank you

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    If you are happy with your current build, i assume 7 of those games are running settings 1 ingame, it should be easy for you to figure this out for yourself: then either buy another very similar spec pc used or new.
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    you can put all settings to one and then drop the render scale down to almost 8 bit block levels quality, making the additional boxes use almost no cpu or gpu. I do this currently as I need to upgrade as well but run 5.
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    my pc is expensive, so building one just like mine jst for multibox is not worth

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