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    Honestly op you should just play EVE
    EVE Online Get Ships. Train Skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiRai View Post
    Yes, it was an assumption (it wasn't masked as anything else), but is it really all that strange to come to that assumption? Really? I mean... You wouldn't be the first mass-multiboxer to do such a thing.

    It seems pretty clear cut - They're just tired of your shit and the problems you're apparently causing for others. Even in the reddit thread you created (and have since deleted) there's someone who was in a battleground with you showing a video that they were flagged as AFK (look at their debuffs) by you and your guild, and for what reason? They weren't contributing? What they show in their video says otherwise. They obviously weren't AFK since they have almost the most damage done on the leaderboard for their faction, and you had to abuse the votekick system for that, which I doubt (look out, another assumption) is the first time that's happened.

    You can try to claim innocence all you want, but Blizzard was about to hand you another suspension until someone, for whatever reason, stepped in to stop that. In addition, what Vrakthris stated in that Customer Support forum thread also doesn't help your case one bit, and if you were playing by the rules, nicely, Blizzard wouldn't tell you, specifically you, to stop doing battlegrounds and arena—it's as simple as that.

    Stop abusing the system, stop disrupting others' gameplay, stop causing issues, and stop dragging the multiboxing playstyle through the mud... FFS.
    I always liked MiRai, but after this post you just became my hero. No one can deny Malseph's skill but the dude is a piece of shit. Seeing he got banned is an early Christmas present to the multiboxing community.
    Warfather + Scrub + Fumble + Bumble + Botch
    Ravenholdt - US

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    Multiboxing is allowed in bg's it's just fucking brutal without using follow but you can multibox in bg's nowhere stated you cannot, that Reddit and forum post is my god so misleading, except when they say abusing the /follow that is all.

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