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    Talking [WoW] (Hotkeynet) - Assistance with a script for many different modifier Keys to 3 windows.

    Hello there!

    I am looking for help with a script that will work with a number of different modifier keys. I will be running 3 instances on the same computer.

    Here is what I have so far that has worked well with 2 instances at the moment.
    <Label alpha local SendWinM WoW1>
    <Label bravo local SendWinM WoW2>

    <MovementHotkey 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, q, e, r, f, t, c, s, Numpad1, Numpad2, Numpad3, Numpad4, Numpad5, Numpad6, Numpad7, Numpad8, Numpad9, NumpadPgUp, NumpadPgDn, NumpadEnd, NumpadHome, NumpadLeft, NumpadUp, NumpadRight, NumpadDown, WheelForward, WheelBackward>

    <SendLabel alpha, bravo>
    <Key %Trigger%>

    I am looking to add the following:
    SHIFT and CTRL modifiers for 1-0, Q, E, R, F, T, and C.
    As well as, SHIFT, modifiers for my numpad numers 1-4 and 6-9 (so... END, Down arrow, PGDN, Left arrow, and then, Right Arrow, Home, Up Arrow, PGUP)
    I awould also like CTRL modifiers for Numpad numbers 1-9
    Finally, Shift and CTRL modifiers for Mouse wheel up and Down.

    I can manage adding a third instance, i think, but I haven't been able to figure out how to make these keystrokes send to all three clients, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Why are you defining all these keys a Movement keys instead of just using the regular hotkey?

    Either way, to scale up instances of way just define additional labels for each window.
    <Label gamma local SendWinM WoW3>
    <Label delta local SendWinM WoW3>

    Then just add them to the SendLabel command..

    <SendLabel alpha, bravo, gamma, delta>
    <Key %Trigger%>

    That will send the keys of all windows.

    Also, you can define a sequence of Hotkeys in order by using 1-9 or Numpad1-Numpad9 so you don't have to type each one into the definition, like the following:
    <MovementHotkey 0-9, Numpad1-Numpad9>

    To add modifiers to hotkeys just add the particular modifier in front of the defined key as such..

    <MovementHotkey 0-9, Numpad1-Numpad9; Shift 0-9, Numpad1-9; Ctrl 0-9, Numpad1-Numpad9>

    You have to separate each block of keys by a semi colon when you want to define a different modifier for that set of keys.

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