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Thread: Herro peeps

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    Default Herro peeps

    How has everyone been? I only see a couple boxers on my friends list anymore.

    Hows BFA been treating you guys? I own it but haven't felt like playing it.

    Mostly been on an Overwatch kingdom come grind. Buddy of mine got me to play on a vanilla server and its been horrible. Nice seeing the old content though.

    Hope everyone is doing well and glad to see a few of you still chugging at it
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    Real life has kicked my ass this year. Speaking at conferences + Travel + running a nonprofit.

    BfA has been a giant let down for me. I normally subscribe to MiRai's philosophy of "I don't box new expansions" so I can enjoy the solo content. I leveled a priest intending to PvP most of this expansion as I did for Cataclysm since PvE seems pretty terrible this time around. Honestly the grind is so intimidating I don't even log in. I've leveled the druid to ~117 and the looming grind makes it painful. I hate so much how Blizzard can go from a fantastic expansion to total crap. Legion -> BfA was exactly like WotLK -> Cataclysm for me.+

    I've been playing a lot of SC2 and Drone Racing sims.

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    hey candle

    welcome back :-)
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    Old face thread
    EVE Online Get Ships. Train Skills.

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    my old face got wrecked

    (couldn't get my old forum account back due to a no longer existing mail adress)
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