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    Default Prot Warrior & Disc Priest Leveling Team (BFA)

    Hi all,

    I am still all new to Dual Boxing, so please bear with me.

    Wanted to play around with DBing for a bit to see if it works for me. In order to get started I wanted to team up my Prot Warrior (110) with a fresh Disc Priest (110 as well, using BFA boost). First goal: get to 120 together while DBing and not running into too many issues.

    Am not looking into any "advanced" stuff (5 man instances, Fishing, etc.) yet.

    Reason I was choosing DC priest was a) I still miss a max lvl priest and b) I like the option to kill stuff while healing the tank char.

    Would this work? Or would you rather suggest another combination? Tank / Shadow Priest?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Disc oughta be fine for leveling. I dislike them as a main healer as I've viewed them as far too much micromanagement. Having to track what exact incoming damage is coming versus who has immunity, etc. was just more work than I wanted to get involved in. I also (probably due to low iLevel gear) never felt like they could keep up with incoming damage when things got exciting, whereas my druids never had that issue. All depends on what you want out of your groups. With enough iLevel, just about anything becomes faceroll.
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    Both of those classes take a lot of micromanagment. If you drive from the tank then Prot warrior will be ok'ish, but personally I would choose something else.

    You mention being new have you thought about two of the same class?

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    if you run around with a healer, why not use an arms warrior for extra dps?

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    Thanks for all the feedback!

    I am kinda set on the priest, since that is about the only class I haven't played in a max level environment since Vanilla and wanted to use my toying around with DBing to get him from 110 to 120 (used the BFA boost). Thought pairing him with a tank would be the best idea, and since I had just finished leveling my DI prot warrior i thought that would be a good combo.

    Not really looking into a perfect setup right now to be honest, just to get a feel for DBing and see if I like it. Might still go for some more advanced and optimized stuff later (5-man teams, farming/fishing, etc.).

    Should there be better options to pair a Disc Priest with I am all ears.

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    If you ran a Blood DK as your tank, the disc priest could be almost straight DPS focused. Much less explicit healing/management, at least.
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    The best boxing I've ever done with a Disc priest (Or priest in general really) was when I used a Prot Warrior + Disc and drove from the Disc. Since I've spent a lot of time playing Disc solo it was easier for me to continue to use all my already known keybinds to heal instead of having to bind them all to different keys via keymaps. This led to a lot of wasted cool downs on the warrior but it was amusing.

    Here's one of the videos MiRai produced from that team:

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