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    Default Water Walking Mounts -- Timewalking MOP active

    Just posting this in case some one isn't aware of the timewalking event / how easy it is to grind a water walking mount as a multi-boxer.

    Right now the first run you do in a MOP timewalking dungeon on the last boss drops a quest item. Go to the Timeless Isles to turn in (500 badges per toon). With 2500 badges from a single run it's stupid easy.
    If you have multiple groups 3 groups of 5 is ideal. You can have 7500 badges in 3 runs.

    You then buy the Angler rep tokens (50 badges each)
    >> Mail these to ONE consistent character (BOA)
    >> spam click to Revered
    >> fly to Anglers Warf and buy the double faction buff
    >> spam click to Exalted
    >> enjoy your water walking mount.

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    I just did this last night after reading about it.
    If you can do this on a Human for the 10% rep buff too.
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    I finally got them on my bnet accts - was a long wait for MoP timewalking. It's well worth it. I even took my retired 5x 110 drews who had mid level gear, all their talents reset etc... and did a MoP instance in about 45 mins.
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