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    Default WoW Multibox Gathering - Characters on different servers?

    I'm interested in multiboxing for gathering. I've never multiboxed before and I have a couple of questions

    Should I multibox on a bunch of different bnet accounts, or should I just use different licences all on 1 bnet account?

    Also, when multibox gathering professions, do all of my characters have to be on the same server or will them being on different servers cause wonkiness? I was thinking of spreading out across multiple servers so I don't flood the market with a bunch of supplies.


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    All on 1 bnet account allows you to share appearances, I'm not sure if it makes a difference though for your goal.
    They can be on different servers and I think the benefit of this is to be able to phase to different zones, allowing for more herbing.
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    Well, if you plan to gather with maximum amount of characters, that a node/herb will accept, that would be ten.
    Since a battlenet account can only max contain 8 accounts, this means you will need atleast 2 battlenet accounts.

    Its totally up to you if you want to have f.eks 5 characters on one realm and 5 others on a different realm.
    But ofcourse, there are plusses and minuses to both.
    If all you care about is gathering with these spesific characters, it would be a good idea to have atleast a couple realms or more.

    Just invite them all into a raid from your designated main character at the time, and start gathering.

    If you go afk, there is a good chance the characters will go back to the original realm, which means you cant see them and you have to disband the raid, then remake it, to make them visible again. Though, sometimes, if unlucky, you may have to actually leave the zone, remake the raid, then go back to the zone. But this is mainly a issue if some of the characters hasnt completed quests etc in the zone, but some have.

    Good luck out there soldier.
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    I went herbing yesterday on 5, and when I got done realized the prices have dropped dramatically. It almost didn't feel worth it. I didn't get too lucky on Anchor Weed nodes but after an hour of herbing I made roughly 30k. If I was just going to do this to break even on my subs, with a token running about 120k right now. That's 4 hours per sub x5. So 20 hours worth of work for $75. Ugh.

    Maybe I was just unlucky but when the prices were higher, 100k an hour wasn't unrealistic.
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    Yeah you are kinda late. If you had 10 herbing from the start of bfa, you could get like 10-20 k gold per node

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