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    Default Azeroth Autopilot makes leveling super fast!

    If your like me and like to quest to level..have you tried this addon? its awesome. >>
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    I don't see the feature listed, but does it track/share quest progress between each of the group members?

    There was some discussion of this in the ISBoxer Discord when BFA was first released, and most people, myself included, suggested Zygor because of its share feature. Obviously, Zygor costs money, so if you don't want to pay for it then you'll need to choose a free alternative, but I'm curious if there's a free alternative that both tracks and shares quest progress between the members of the party.
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    I believe the EMA quest tracker does that better than anyone so if the Azeroth Autopilot works well with EMA you wont need to worry.

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    I use a combination of:

    * (auto-adjusts the tracker for appropriate items)
    * (I can see all 5 collection status in the mouseover for the quest mob/pickup/etc.)
    * (more noise is good when the screen is cluttered)
    * (even more noise!)
    * (for using quest items, etc.)

    Works pretty well to keep me aware of the team's status. The one thing I don't have is a main map/minimap that shows the quest area outline for all 5. I think I had that in Carbonite a while back but that addon made it onto my shit list a couple years ago.

    [edit] Forgot to mention: a simple but overlooked thing is which adds selectable sounds for whispers, group chat, etc.
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    It does share info from group members. What I like about it is it walks you through every single step in the most efficient manner. it puts an arrow that points you to where you need to go, not just in the direction of where you need to go, but to way points to the fastest route. I don't know how many times some other quest helper addon has put an arrow to direct me towards a quest, but you end up having to run around a mountain or whatever, this will help you not waste time looking for the best way to get to that point. It literally guides you down each turn in the path. I sometimes get side tracked when I am doing quests, I come back and forget what step I was on etc.. It will tell you if a quest is optional ( not part of the main story line) and tells you if there is a quest near by to pick up. I just think it does it better than anything else i have used.
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    My experiences with AAP

    AAP is for leveling the fastest way... that is their sole focus. Any other slant on what to do with AAP is not their concern. I'll give some examples of what it doesn't do, because of this, below.

    AAP pretty much hand-holds you, drawing a green, moving line of dots to where it wants you to go. It tells you how many quests to pick up or hand in, or to do a quest part. There is a moving list so you can see what is coming up (or what has been done) It tells you to set a hearthstone, and later on to use that hearthstone.

    AAP gets the job done, as best as it can. It can still be a little awkward to use, at times, and it definitely is not perfect.

    What doesn't AAP do -- or how does it annoy me?

    Case 1 - The Hearthstone

    Personally, I never use a temporary hearthstone. I have mine set on 190 characters to the same place. To get around the forced hearthstone use, or any step in the chain you wish to skip, you can use the command /aap skip

    Case 2 - Those pesky worldwide holidays

    Elders, Fires, Candy buckets, etc. The interface of AAP makes a muffled cry of "Gosh, I'd be great for hitting these sites in a nice pattern...." However, the AAP team cares not for your pretty holidays, they are focused on leveling speed. (They have the framework... would just take someone to lay in the right data -- again, not them.)

    Case 3 - Hitting the whole storyline

    Saw someone complaining that AAP made them switch zones with only 6/7 chapters completed. The team determined it was faster leveling to switch there, and, well, say no more.

    Case 4 - Wow! It's set up to do a zone that I need, such as Highmountain.

    Yes, I was unlocking the Highmountain allied race and was pretty psyched to see that AAP was going to lead me through the entire zone/story. Until, that is, when I hit level 114 in the middle of it all, where AAP was pretty much forcing me to move to BfA content. It's a hard coded line similar to if (charlevel > 113) then SendThemOnTheirWay() end Edited the line, finished Highmountain.

    One flaw in AAP is that it tells you to look for world quests, even if you're at the content's level cap. World quests go away when, for example, you hit 110 in Legion lands. AAP doesn't handle this well, but then again you're supposed to doing BfA once you're 110+.

    Another flaw is that their macro for using quest items fails if you happen to have 2 or more quests with items to be used.

    Anyways, it is a useful addon... sort of great to not have to think too hard about how to do that content from many years ago. Though, in it way it is sad that the game can be reduced to steps that any monkey can follow to get leveled up. Apparently, I'll gladly be a monkey if it gets the job I need done finished efficiently.

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    sounds like a nice for alts and new teams. will test it
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