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    Post IsBoxer - Window Layouts - Swap Groups - Broadcasting

    This is the continuation from the following thread:

    I moved here as it seemed more appropriate now.
    Sorry for the upcoming long post... I could explain it all in like 5 minutes over the phone lol

    So Mirai I watched that video and it looks like that sound action is perfect, I'm glad you badgered Lax into putting that in. Unfortunately I'm not sure if I'll be able to utilize it as adding the 6th account to my ISBoxer team still produces some undesirable results that I'm unsure of how to fix.

    Here is a picture of the window layout I would like to use.

    What I'm trying to accomplish is essentially keep account 6 (region 7) it's own separate entity.
    Meaning when I am playing Region 1 (accounts 1-5) and I use my wheel switcher + 'C' key to swap windows into region 1 it leaves account 6 (region 7) alone, in fact I don't even want it to select that window at all.

    I'm not sure if this is possible because of this (my window layout setup)

    If i'm thinking about this correctly, it seems that using the Wheel switcher key (C) with the scroll wheel is going to be applied to the whole window layout, regardless of swap regions.

    Even if that is the case though, I have the swap regions setup (swap region 1 & swap region 2 only has account 6 on it). Because of this it is not swapping account 6 to region 1 which is good.
    But it is still selecting account 6's client when cycling through, this is the behavior that I don't want. I don't really want to be running instances and needed to switch to a different character and having account 6 being part of that switch list.

    Another problem introduced with this is now when cycling through the accounts it will go 1>2>3>4>5>6 and just stop where as earlier before adding the additional account, region, swap group it would cycle like above and then go right back to 1 and repeat the sequence again. This is the behavior I'm looking for.

    The next issue is broadcasting.

    On account 6 which is part of my character set now I have the following set.


    I'm assuming Broadcasting = Repeater Action.
    I'm unable to get broadcasting to not send mouse/keyboard broadcasts to account 6, regardless of the above options set.

    In a nutshell, I want account 6:
    Not be allowed to swap
    Not be allowed to be selected, only through direct selection of moving my mouse onto the window and pressing left click
    Not have any keymaps associated with it at all
    Not be broadcast to at any time keyboard or mouse
    Allowed to have sound on 100% of the time, regardless of accounts 1-5 sound status. ** I can see how to fix this from your video! **

    Thanks for any help, but if you don't think this is possible don't waste your time on it.
    As I said in the original thread I did find a workaround where I only have to load up my team (accounts 1 - 5) with a couple settings disabled -> load up account 6 through battle net -> re-enable those sound settings in IsBoxer and push a reload.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions, but like I said, this is not critical anymore as I do have a workaround. It would just be nice to keep everything within IsBoxer

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