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    Default Macro for you guys, possible FPS increase

    So I was watching some multi-boxer videos / past streams (boxer name escapes me, was watching a few different ones) and I noticed that pretty much everyone uses nameplates either wow default or tidy plates / threat plates.

    One thing I noticed is they had them turned on, on all characters.
    Anyway, I use this on my Jamba Master macro that is called every time I switch to a new character.

    Nameplates ON -> Current
    /run SetCVar("nameplateShowEnemies",GetCVar"(nameplateS howEnemies"=="1" or 1)

    Nameplates OFF -> All Other
    /run SetCVar("nameplateShowEnemies",GetCVar"(nameplateS howEnemies"=="0" or 0)

    Very fast, no lag and a substantial FPS increase.
    I'm still running an I7-4790k 4 core processor so this helps me out a bit with having to share cores.
    Looking forward to upgrade when the new Intel comes out!

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    What's the difference between these?
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    I'm not sure but I didn't know about it! gonna try it tonight. Need to squeak out any FPS I can!
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    Hey Ugh,

    Guess I suffer from short term (2 years) memory loss!

    I'm not sure if that old script I posted still works, I do know that with BFA some things were changed, so it may or may not work. I do know this one does work.

    I also have another hotkey setup that I use before boss fights. This hotkey will show nameplates on ALL characters. This is because once your in combat you cant show/hide your nameplates (at least it wont work for me). I don't really die on trash so no need to switch characters. But I may die during a boss fight so I like to have nameplates showing on all characters.

    For me it's a substantial FPS.
    Imagine running the Motherload instance with all nameplates on all your characters only on a 4 core processor. Ouch before this I would get about 25 FPS. I now get about 40 FPS while there.

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    I suspect the old one has a better chance of working as the syntax at least looks right with the placement of the " and ( and no missing ).

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    No, if you add ")" to the end and fix the " it will no longer work and will throw an error.
    As it is it works like it should.

    I just tested the old one and that works as well.

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    I'm still using the old one and it still seems to work. Was just curious if there was some hidden nuance in there.
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    Setup clarification for dummies please. Still learning

    1.) I go to the charsets and check this per toon

    2.) After that i create those wow macros like this

    3.) Now i edit the Follow/JambaStrobe/JambaMaster keymap

    When i want to export this to innerspace i get the error that those wow macros dont have a key assigned.
    Why do i need that? Isnt there a way to just send the /command to the client without a dedicated key?
    Am a little confused Or am i thinking the wrong way setting this up in a whole.

    I would like to do this with rendercale the same way also.
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    Mine is just under the JambaMaster mapped key.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ughmahedhurtz View Post
    Mine is just under the JambaMaster mapped key.
    That doesnt solve any of my problems ;D

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