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    It's absurd honestly. I messed up on a mechanic for a boss fight doing mythic 0 keys. The boss was at 50% hp and instead of wiping I had DK tank +1 hunter, and proceeded to down it with just that.

    For the raiding, Void and myself both did normal Uldir first boss Taloc, we had a bit of a hiccup at the end and our team wiped except his Blood DK and mine, the boss was at 3-4% hp left and we proceeded to down him with just that.

    For the Healer aspect, just trying to make sure you have as many options as possible. The Monk if it doesn't pan out could technically be a tank if you had another account that can heal.
    Whereas a druid allow for tank or ranged dps for more flavor.
    Sargeras - Alliance

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    I called it! Latest Q&A with developers said they are nerfing Blood DK and Brewmaster Monk, both have higher than expected survivability.
    I'm sure it'll still be good, but hot dog it's a little bit much at the moment.
    Sargeras - Alliance

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    Booo!!! always spoil the party blizzarD!

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    I should update this further, the quote was:
    • Brewmaster and Death Knight have too much survivability compared to other tanks.
    • Protection Warrior and Guardian Druid are lagging behind. Some of that is numerical tuning, some (with Prot Warrior) has to do with rotational flow. Changes coming to the PTR in the not so distant future.
    So Blood DK may not get a nerf, the other classes will get a bump up. which would be nice instead.
    Sargeras - Alliance

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    I am hoping that they go down the path of bumping up the other classes instead of nerfing Blood DK to make more viable options for group compositions.

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