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    Default Question/Suggestion of a strategy for fights that involve moving

    I was thinking about fights like the Priestess Alun'za (2nd boss in Atal'Dazar) that require moving in and out of transfusion pools so she doesn't heal.

    I'm not sure how possible this would be, but I figured I would post my thoughts online to see if anything could come from it or if I could be told why it would be impossible.

    Earlier I was watching a video by MiRai, I think it was ISBoxer Pro setup 05, and in this video he uses a video FX mouse anchor to help him place his mage's blizzard spell. (Link to that part in the video:

    Essentially my thought was setting this up for each character, and then playing in a sort of "birds eye" view, as in your camera would be positioned above your character zoomed out to maximum (using console commands).

    This combined with click to move on other characters, would allow you to click on the positions, in this scenario the blood transfusion pools, to move those characters there.

    Of course for this to succeed you would need all characters stacked on each other, and preferably a hotkey for resetting the camera view.

    So I ask the question, would this be possible at all, and if not, then why?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    How does this fight work: do you need to move several characters at the same time to the pool or is it just one...move out... then a break...then one other character etc.

    And which classes are you running for this 5man?

    And which difficulty?

    The name seems familiar, pretty sure i just yoloed it and nuked the boss down with max 1 casualty when i did it on normal on a 5 man hunter team, during way back when i was leveling.
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    She places random pools of blood on the ground. Every 30 seconds or so she then does transfusion which is pulls energy from each player. You need to step into the pools right before she does the ability so it does damage to her instead of heals her.
    Also during the fight an add spawns that consumes the pools as well.

    I just swap to each character manually and place them right next to the pool, when she does her ability I side step into it, I can usually get 3-4 in on each wave.
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    Depending on your team, the dmg from the pool shouldn't be enough to kill them. If so, then some cd's, healing pots, etc to get them back up may be needed. I do that fight 2 ways depending on the team I'm using.
    With my 5 paladins I just /follow to each pool while doing what dmg I can while moving. The pools don't stack so running through another with the leader will apply to 1 of the followers. Depending on the travel time I do 3 or 4 pools. I try for 4 each time, but I have no danger of not finishing that fight on paladins.
    With my mixed team, I utilize click to move. I cycle through the windows moving them to the pools as soon as possible with a single right click. IWT to get them to face boss if they aren't after pools are collected.
    Have not done fight with 5 dmg team.

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    Hey Jyger,

    It depends on your team for sure.
    I'm currently running 1 Resto shaman (direct/aoe heals), 1 Resto druid (hots always on team, no mana issues + aoe heals), and 3x BM hunters.

    For the fight in question I just have my pets tank and I run around with the group with getting the blood pools. Any damage I take is negated by the constant stream of hots from both healers with the occasional Aoe from both.

    For the last boss which can give trouble to no true tank groups I just switch my druids spec to Guardian with his target being the focus (the boss) and then I proceed to nuke while my pets and party kills the adds away from the boss.

    I'm sure your method could work with practice. I've never tried anything like that. I'm not sure how good the response time would be between the software, the game, and just being human.

    What is your group comp? I could prob. give more specific advice on the fights your wondering about.

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