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    Default Gold farming methods since BFA?

    Currently I find herbing/mining to be my bread and butter. For one it's a relaxing side effect, just run around - enjoy the scenery and pick flowers.. wife thinks it's lame but honestly it's enjoyable.
    There is also the hyperspawn BoE farming... haven't been too big of a fan of this, do they still exist?

    I figure with me having now close to (15) 120 characters spread over 5 accounts I should be utilizing them to generate something besides just sitting there when not playing.

    Is there a good suggestion for professions they should be doing to make the most of it?
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    There is still hyperspawn farming, but I'm not sure if its viable with 5 accounts.

    This guy does it with 25 hunters:

    I know if you aren't using hunters than you'll really want the loot-a-rang for easy looting, so that would take up one of your professions. In all honesty If i was going to do it id level up a hunter team and only hyperfarm with them, while doing other things with the mains. As far as regular professions go, they don't really seem worth it anymore like they did back in the old days, so I'd personally stick with gathering stuff as you are hitting nodes x5
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    Its certainly viable with only 5 accounts if you have a lot of free time, aka 4 hours a day pressing those buttons. If you dont like doing this, and have patience and knowledge using TSM manually you can easily earn up to 2-3 times the gold on those same 4 hours only playing a single account. This is why im using both, stand still farming and tsm.

    Damn, he has two more monitors than me!
    But i have more accounts

    Im not into streaming though im way older than this guy.
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    I only gather while questing and with a single 5 man team working a couple hours a day I am making about 100k-150k per day mine/herb. I have had 6 nice BoEs drop total this expansion, one had a AH price of 150k but I have not sold any because I learn them all for transmog.

    I have been trying to be patient, many people are saying this is what it was like early last expansion and we'll be making lots of gold again soon. I've been avoiding working the AH, its not so fun to me.

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    Legion was awesome for farming boe's and they sold fast, as they could be used from lvl 101 and many people lvling and twinks bought them. The current boe's require lvl 120, so the market is a lot less. Not too mention, the gear inflation has been insane, so the prizes of the bfa boe's have plumeted.
    Its no longer worth it to try farm for them, instead consider them a lucky 50k or so bonus if one drops. I got my first ever tebuu sword for bfa just now and it used to sell for 2 mill the first week. I never got one. Mine sold for 100k

    Sniping them and reselling them on the AH = pro tip. A bit risky, but can be very profitable if you are carefull and knowledgable.

    Chilling and herbing with 5 to 10 characters and even making and selling flasks is still a nice thing to do, as people always need those for raiding. So if you dont want to play the AH and/or buying low and reselling / crafting, it would be my best tip to do as a casual. You could even pick up both mining and herbing on your farm team.
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    I only farm about an hour a day. Can't stand to do anymore than that. I use 5 balance druids which works really well, just moonfire + starfall.
    In my hour of farming I average about 100k+ a day from disenchants, linen and BOE's. I usually get at least 1 BOE per farm session. Obv. that 100k goes up by a good margin depending on the BOE/mount I got. Just doing this is enough to pay for my 5 accounts + have some money for collection junk etc.

    My 2 main teams (Druid - farm team)(instance team) all had Mining / herb. But I've replaced that on my instance team with Jewel crafting, enchanting, and alchemy. The herb / mining farming was nice while the teams were leveling up (for money) but now my 1 hour of farming a day takes care of everything.

    Came back from a good break again but really enjoying BFA so far. I've really been interested this time in getting my transmog sets, pets, mounts pretty much all collections / achievs. I've never been interested in this stuff since wow vanilla so it's like a whole new game to me, which is pretty cool! My current 5 man instance party is Resto Shaman, Resto Druid and 3 Hunters which works out really well. Double healer + 3 dps that can serve as tanks seems to cheese lots of encounters.

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