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    Angry [Wow] [Hotkeynet] Need help with a working script

    I'm kinda a noob at multiboxing. I found a script that worked for spam clicking in Ark, and I was happy. I found a script for dual boxing two wow accounts, and I was happy. Now I'm delving into gathering with both the accounts and want to smash my head into the wall with the level of frustration acquired. I've tried for hours using every script I can get my hands on, trying to make my own, failing every time. Can someone help me with a script that works for HKN for gathering? I don't care if I have to adjust my screens weird at this point, I just want something that works. Help a gal out

    edit: camera angle is not an issue because mule will be riding a druid, just need something that will copy right click and position of mouse that I can add to my current dual boxing script that lets me attack twice
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    Okey so I had to go download HKN again for this since I've not used it in years at this point, but I am able to send mouseclicks to 2 game windows just fine with a simple definition like below:

    <Hotkey ScrollLockOn F>
    <SendWinM WoW2>
    <ClickMouse LButton>
    <SendWinM WoW1>
    <ClickMouse LButton>
    (note that this is not using mailing labels but window names)

    However there appears to be an issue where the secondary game client sometimes "captures" the mouse and moves your cursor over to the other game window, while your primary client still stays in focus. I'm not sure as to the actual cause and I tried different combinations of send modes, orders of sending the presses and running the game in windowed and windowed fullscreen to counteract this, but it persists. HKN has never been great mouse clicks and there are some workarounds that might work, but they involve delays, which I will not touch as those are strictly against the WoW TOS.

    However we're in luck. We do not need to send clicks to gather. We can instead send a key that is bound to Interact With Mouseover ingame. So we would instead do:

    <Hotkey ScrollLockOn F>
    <SendLabel w1, w2>
    <Clickmouse Noclick>
    <Key F>
    Note: This example expects that you have bound Interact With Mouseover to "F". You can naturally use any key you wish. I can't take full credit for this, since while I had the idea to do this instead of trying to send a click, the code is more or less a full copy of Khavotar's post here, that I ran in to while seeing how we'd use Clickmouse to just copy the mouse position.

    This naturally does not work with menus and whatnot, but for gathering it seems to work perfectly. Hope this is what you were looking for.

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