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    Default Blackrock Caverns - 3rd boss movement without a tank

    I recently started a new team, 3x Hunters (BM) + 2 Druids (Boomkin), and to my surprise its an exceptionally fun group to play. I consider each instance an encounter in controlled chaos. You are never really in control but it somehow almost always works out fine.

    I knew I was eventually going to have boss/mob positioning issues at some point because I don't have a tank. I came across that during this encounter. I know the fight and I know you have to run the boss in and out of the molten stream. But how do you do it when you don't have a tank to control the position of the fight..... you use pets

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    Nice, I like it!
    Now just get a hotkey setup for it, so you can do it quicker

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    If you aren't running a trinity setup, then you can easily find yourself having to invent new ways to down certain bosses. Sometimes, the challenge is half the fun.
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