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    I'm trying to gather using interact with mouse over however none of the minions line up with the main window. I'm using a set view hot key like miria's video. All the minions line up with each other. So right now I'm having to click on main then move mouse for all minions to line up and click again. All ui match exactly all snap to same view. And it doesn't matter who I rotate to main window the mouse is just a tad lower in the minion screen

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    At a guess, you need to practice running up to the item with your main, and then going maybe a little too far with it, and finally backing up a step or two, so all your toons are then pretty much standing in the same spot.

    And example

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    If you turn on mouse broadcasting and use it to click your buttons do they line up? Is this only when you do the sync mouse action?

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    ok i went back and double checked everything. turning repeater on mouse tracks fine. i pull up on node and step back to stack and check mouse line up and all looks good.

    press my setview/ interact with mouse over key and they are off. I too a screen shot after i pressed the key. in this pick the red circle is where i clicked using the yellow brick as a sample node. you can see the minions cursor is just outside the box after the key press.

    this is my action

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Box xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
    <SerializedObject>&lt;?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?&gt;
    &lt;ArrayOfMappedKeyAction xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""&gt;
    &lt;MappedKeyAction xsi:type="WoWMacroRefAction"&gt;
    &lt;UseCustomModifiers /&gt;
    &lt;WoWMacroSetString&gt;Quick Setup 42&lt;/WoWMacroSetString&gt;
    &lt;MappedKeyAction xsi:type="SyncCursorAction"&gt;
    &lt;MappedKeyAction xsi:type="Keystroke"&gt;
    &lt;Modifiers&gt;Ctrl Shift&lt;/Modifiers&gt;
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    The only thing I see different in your keybind is that in the video MiRai sent the sync cursor action to "all other" and you are sending it to "all". Not sure if that would effect the cursor location.

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    I don't actually bother with set view myself. Since Warcraft defaults the camera to a certain angle when you're walking forward, I use that to line my characters up. Here's my method:

    1. Start every character from exactly the same viewpoint. The easiest way to accomplish this is to have them zoomed in to first person (usually the Home button or just mouse wheel up until you can't zoom in any further.)
    2. Zoom them all out to the same level by turning on mouse/keyboard broadcast and slowly zooming out. I do it slowly because sometimes one of the slaves will miss a tick on my mouse wheel.
    3. Level all of the cameras to the same point. I do this by keeping broadcast on, then left-click and hold and push view forward and down until I'm looking almost straight down at my characters. Next, with broadcast still on, I walk them forward until the cameras level out.

    These steps put them all at the exact same zoom and vertical level, making it simple to gather nodes. I also don't bother trying to match my main with my slaves when I'm gathering small nodes. Instead I will make sure my slaves are all over the node and start them gathering, then I'll turn off broadcast and gather on my main. This really only happens with small nodes or when my main is at a significantly different elevation from my slaves (i.e. gathering a mining node on a slope.)

    Once you get used to doing this, getting your characters' cameras set at the same zoom/height takes a matter of seconds.
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    Hey Grundel,

    Have you solved your problem yet?

    I am also using IWMO setup as Mirai's video explains and it works pretty flawless.
    I have a couple of tips that may help
    Always try to loot on the same side (left or right) this way it just becomes habit running up to or beside a node and aligning everyone correctly.
    I also have keybinds for my slaves to move forward and backwards as sometimes a tiny adjustment is needed.
    Slaves step forward - keybind Z
    Slaves step backward - shift Z
    All move backward - shift S

    Make sure when you set your view that not only are your screens with characters aligned up but make sure that the zoom distance is the same.

    After looking at your pictures it really looks like the view is different on the account your driving with.
    It looks like both the tilt is off and the zoom distance is different between the driving account and slaves.
    All the slaves views look good and exactly the same.

    I'm not sure if this could be the problem, but figured I would mention it as everything is working good on my end and we both followed the same video.

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    No I did not get the mouse over method to work. All my toons have the exact same settings. No matter which one I click to main window the mouse over still doesn't line up. However broadcast lines up perfect. the only thing I can think of is the isboxer screen layout I am using is causing something to not line up. Basically I'm just using a broadcast toggle, mouse harvesting, then toggling back off. Everything lines up and it works. I changed the mouse over key to just set view for when I need to snap there views. So that's still useful too. I appreciate everyone who commented on this. Thank you

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