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    Default The World of Warcraft Diary Kickstarter

    To start off, I gain nothing from telling you all about this except some joy if anyone wants one of the books and didn't already know about the Kickstarter.

    It's a book about the creation of the original WoW from the perspective of one of the 3D level designers of the original game... at least that's the jist of it. Personally, I find this kind of stuff interesting, especially since I have such fond memories of the original game and can't wait for Classic to make its return, and so I just thought I'd share it here. I meant to post this sooner, and, unfortunately, there are only 4 days left to become a backer. However, the author has said that the book will be available on Amazon, at some point in 2019, so you aren't completely missing out on it if you miss the Kickstarter or just don't have the cash at this time.
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    Something i been reading about and looks like a good read! not something i can really back atm but its something i might get on Amazon at sompoint in time

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    Thanks for sharing, definitely interested

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