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    Default Uldir trash farming ?


    Did you try to farm trash in the raid Uldir ? Trashs drop some epics there.


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    Yes been farming it for a while, upto 7 BOE epics now from there.
    Got 1 lastnight again, value on them is dropping now as Mythic raids are out. But they are still worth good gold if you do obtain them especially
    as warforged, titanforged with sockets.

    I am farming it again tonight on my heroic lockout. Then I might be done with it

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    While it can be very profitable at the start, you really need to be able to "solo" it on ideally mythic mode. To do this effectivly you need 15 to 20 characters. 6-7 of those heal fulltime almost. It can be fun times. Though its a complete lottery. So most of the people who do multibox up to 20 characters have some kind of garantee slow but steady income. Which is prefered. But then again, doing the trashfarm on some afternoons is mostly for a change of scenery and the hope of striking many boe's, but that veery rarely happens.

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    @Shania : what is your comp to farm Uldir ? thanks

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    You just need 1 tank and the rest are ranged dps, with 6-7 are healers on mythic (3-4 on heroic if you run a 10 man): these will be spamming you as a tank nonstop, while you run around as a headless chicken, gathering up the mobs while the ranged dps nuke them down. If you need to move and heal a little bit on the ranged/healers, just toss down a aoe heal to keep them topped. This is the method ive used to pick up some millions of gold whenever i was too bored of doing stand still farms.
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